Who Me?

This happened to me, and maybe it has happened to you. I realized that I was not young. 

feel young, and sometimes, with proper hydration and judicious Photoshopping, I look young. My friends look young.  (Again, hydration and Photoshop, not to mention an evolving definition of what "young" means.) 

But the truth is, I'm not young and neither are you. We were born long ago, between the years of 1946 and 1964, and we are members of that bulging demographic spread known as the Baby Boom.

I like to pick my battles carefully, and I realize that time waits for no boomer, no matter how you mix your Botox and fish oil cocktail. So let's forget staying young and start thinking about kick-ass ways to be old.  Let's do what Baby Boomers always do--change the rules and claim victory. Forget about being young. How do we want to be now? 

Once you make the switch, the possibilities are invigorating. Will you relax or get busy? Do you want to change the world or change your life? Let something go or embrace something new? Want to be healthy, fearless, fit, wise, passionate, powerful, cool, curious, creative or all of the above? Are you at the peak of your career or are you ready leave the daily grind to the next generation? 

It's time to appreciate the assets you have now that you didn’t have when you were 30. Maybe you've got more time.  More money. More confidence. Maybe you care less about what others think. At the very least, you may have more airline miles.

Not all of aging--or life-- is under your control, but much of it is, particularly when you start to emphasize the how of getting older.  We are fortunate to be alive in a time and a place where living standards are high and modern medicine has not only extended lifespan, but extended the period in which we can be healthy, active and productive.  You get to decide what 50, 60 or 70 looks like. If you want to be creative, make something; if you want to be limber do a down dog; if you want to get a nose ring you don't need your parent's permission.

This is Bolder, Wiser, Boomer, and it's about embracing the future. It's about staying sharp, being engaged and never apologizing for your years on the planet. It is written by us, for us, with stories of reinvention and reflection and tips on how to optimize your body, mind and time. 

If you are lucky, you will get old, and if you are really lucky you will be awesome. Join us on the cutting edge of aging.